Loggerhead Shrike (Lanius ludovicianus) - Endangered

The Loggerhead shrike is a striking, robin-sized bird. It has an all black bill that is hooked at the tip, a medium-grey crown and back, and a raccoon-like black face mask. The throat and breast are white, the tail is black with prominent white outer feathers, and the wings are black with a bold white patch that flashes when the bird is in flight.

Ontario Population: 50-100 breeding pairs

Threats to this Species: Threats to the Loggerhead shrike may include habitat loss resulting from development (conversion of grasslands and pastures to cropland, residential development etc.) and succession (when open fields gradually change into thickets and forests). They may also be impacted by accumulation of toxins from the prey they eat and a reduction in prey availability because of increased use of pesticides.

Fun Fact: Loggerhead Shrikes are the only known predatory songbird. They prey on both vertebrate and invertebrate animals, but due to their lack of talons or claws they must impale their prey. Impaling is done with the slightly hooked beak, often against either a tree or into barbed wire.




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Species descriptions are from the Species at Risk in Ontario website.