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South Shore Joint Initiative is a volunteer-run Canadian non-profit charitable organization with a vision to permanently protect Prince Edward County's South Shore, where together biodiversity and people thrive. Find out more ...

Frequently Asked Questions


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Your unwavering commitment and passion allow us to spring into action and continue our vital work in creating a future where people and biodiversity thrive together on PEC’s South Shore.

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South Shore Joint Initiative (SSJI) members and partner organizations are working to protect Prince Edward County’s South Shore Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) in order to maintain or increase the biodiversity of its terrestrial and marine ecosystems. 

Our members support the objectives of SSJI. Our partners include organizations that support particular objectives and initiatives of South Shore Joint Initiative as part of the larger coalition to protect the South Shore IBA.

Since 2018, through public education, supporting responsible usage and enabling scientific research, we’re proud to raise awareness about how the wellbeing of Prince Edward County’s South Shore and the people who enjoy it are inextricably linked. Together, we are working to protect and preserve public lands in Canada’s last undeveloped Lake Ontario shoreline.

Your one-time and monthly donations help us to advance our work. Every donation of $25 or more includes individual SSJI membership ($40 for family membership). We are proud to be a registered charity based in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Tax receipts will be emailed to you within 5 business days.


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