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Happy Holidays from the South Shore!

President's Message

As we approach the end of 2021, I want to reflect on the past year and what we have accomplished as an organization.

At the start of the year, I anticipated that the pandemic would be largely over by the end of the year, but that, sadly, is not where we are as case counts are rising and the new Omicron variant is stalking us. Nevertheless, our intrepid Board and volunteers have adapted and persevered and delivered valuable effort to help protect OUR South Shore.

Cheryl Anderson’s monthly scheduled strolls have introduced many to the riches of the South Shore.

Our numerous webinars, held via Zoom, have been informative and very well attended. Events like the Day of the Monarch and our South Shore Cleanup were successful and well covered in the media.

Our professional team of Megan Miller and Dawn Ayer have ensured, through brilliant use of online social and print media, that awareness of the importance of protecting the South Shore is more and more embedded in the consciousness of the County. The South Shoreliner, which you are reading right now, has proven to be a great tool to spread awareness of SSJI’s efforts.

Statistics tell a remarkable story!

We have increased our number of supporters to 1,667; volunteers to 97; followers and likes on Facebook to 865 combined; followers on Instagram to over 400.

Our new fundraising campaign is underway and we have already exceeded the goal set at the beginning of the year which is not yet over. SSJI merchandise has been a big hit! Since we are now a registered charity, don’t forget the tax benefit of donating before year end.

The Moses Hudgin Log House restoration committee has been remarkably effective. We have over $67,000 in the bank for renovations and plans are underway to replace the windows and stabilize the house in the spring.

Progress toward creation of the Conversation Reserve has been slower than hoped; but we have been working closely with the Ontario Parks staff and believe that a positive recommendation to Ministers will occur in the new year. Nature Conservancy Canada carried out significant surveys in the crown lands to support the designation effort. We remain hopeful that provincial cabinet will approve the Conservation Reserve in principle before the upcoming provincial election.

In the realm of municipal planning advocacy, SSJI and its partners played a major role in reworking the County’s official Plan and provided significant comments with respect to several potential planning projects in sensitive areas of the South Shore.

Looking forward, we are planning a major spring Biodiversity Conference to be held at the Waring House Hall with (we hope) upwards of 60 attendees. Mark April 23, 2022 on your calendar.

All in all, it has been a successful year even in the face of Covid. I look forward to even more successful SSJI endeavors in 2022.

Best wishes of the season to everyone!





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We are working to permanently protect and improve biodiversity along Prince Edward County’s internationally recognized South Shore, Canada’s largest and last undeveloped Lake Ontario natural landscape and shoreline. With your support and input, we can ensure that future generations of migratory birds, species at risk and County residents will share in the enjoyment of the public lands of the South Shore.

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Meet our Team


  Megan Miller – Network Organizer                                

Megan is the Network Organizer for South Shore Joint Initiative. As our organizer, she is the key point of contact for anyone and everyone who wants to connect with us. Megan provides communication support and engages with groups, funders and individuals who are helping to enable us to succeed in advancing our mission and project objectives. She is a former field technician with the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre and currently also works with Green Communities Canada as their water programs coordinator.

Megan’s passions and experience lie in everything environmental, from working with Species at Risk turtles, to creating green spaces in urban areas. She holds a B.Sc. Honours in Biology from Trent University and a Fish and Wildlife diploma from Fleming College. Megan enjoys hiking, portaging and hanging out with her two indoor cats.

Contact Megan at [email protected]                                



Dawn Ayer – Communications Director

As Communications Director, Dawn is responsible for building awareness, engaging supporters and helping us achieve our vision for Prince Edward County’s South Shore. Prior to becoming self-employed, Dawn held management roles with Diabetes Canada, Aon Hewitt Canada and Aon Reed Stenhouse. She delivers original strategy and content services to a small, diverse group of non-profits and corporations.

As co-founder of her high school’s first environment club and more recently, Bamboo Magazine’s Green Keener columnist, Dawn has a long history of championing environmental causes. She is also an active advocate for history and was chair of the Canada 150 and Prince Edward 225 Celebration Ad Hoc Committee. Dawn and her
husband had their 1875 Athol farmhouse designated as a heritage property in 2019 and were grateful to accept the municipal plaque, together with the original owners.

Living just north of the South Shore Important Bird and Biodiversity Area, Dawn spots species every day through her home office window. Since 2014, she’s actively supported local non-profits as well as the municipal and provincial governments in their efforts to protect and preserve the South Shore.

Contact Dawn at [email protected]



Meet our Leaders

Cheryl Anderson – Vice President

Vice President Cheryl Anderson moved to Prince Edward County in 2003 after retiring from a career in biochemistry research at the University of Guelph. In Guelph, Cheryl served in several positions of the Guelph Field Naturalists executive. As a member of the Guelph Round Table on the Environment and Economy, she chaired a Community Involvement Program to write a Guelph’s Green Plan.

Cheryl has served on the executive boards of the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists and the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory and a South Shore Joint Initiative board member. Her interest in the natural world has led to advocacy for the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird and Biodiversity Area.

Contact Cheryl at [email protected]



John Hirsch – President

President John Hirsch had a long career in the Federal government with Canada Customs. Later he was a private sector customs and trade consultant and wound up his professional career in warehouse and transportation logistics in the Toronto area. Upon retiring to the County in 2014 with his wife and cats, John got involved in community service, primarily in the areas of environment and conservation – especially the South Shore.

Since 2014, John has been actively involved in the preservation and protection of the South Shore. In 2015-2016 he was appointed to the boards of Quinte Conservation Authority, Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory and CCSAGE – County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy. From 2015-2017 John was an Appellant in the successful WPD White Pines ERT appeal and in 2018 he became the Founding Director and President of South Shore Joint Initiative.

Persuaded by many local environmental leaders, John ran in the municipal election in 2018 and now represents Ward 9 South Marysburgh. In this capacity, he sits on the Board of Quinte Conservation, the Audit Committee, Prince Edward Heritage Advisory Committee and the newly formed Environmental Advisory Committee.

Contact John at [email protected]


Learn more about South Shore Joint Initiative Board of Directors here.

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