South Shore Joint Initiative (SSJI) – Website Use and Privacy Policy

We believe in protecting your right to privacy as a visitor to this website and/or as a supporter of our organization. You have the right to choose when to provide information that could be used to identify, contact or locate you, when such information may be shared with other organizations, and when to remain anonymous.

As a registered Canadian charity, South Shore Joint Initiative pledges to maintain a high level of integrity and accountability. Our board members, staff and contractors adhere to a confidentiality agreement and a code of ethics.

Our Website –

South Shore Joint Initiative’s website is an information tool that tells visitors about our conservation goals, events and programs and ways you can personally take action to protect our natural heritage. An important part of this online service involves dialogue, questions and answers, and feedback.

We primarily use NationBuilder software and online services for our website and email communications. NationBuilder products and services are provided by 3dna Corp. dba and you can view the 3dna Master Terms of Service here:

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Our Commitment to Privacy

South Shore Joint Initiative does not collect confidential or sensitive information from website visitors without their knowledge and consent. Our Network Organizer is responsible for South Shore Joint Initiative’s adherence to the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.


Your Personal Information

South Shore Joint initiative does not share your personal information with other organizations. We limit the collection, disclosure and retention of personal information, donation history and survey information.

We make sure that you are aware when your personal information is being collected and how it will be used. Any personal identifiable data about our website visitors and supporters is securely stored and kept in confidence. We clearly identify the primary use of personal information and ask permission before any secondary use of that personal information. 

We collect and maintain the accuracy of personal information primarily to build relationships with our supporters. 

Event Participation

By participating in South Shore Joint Initiative events (including walks and any outdoor or indoor events), you consent to being photographed, filmed, and/or otherwise recorded. Your presence also constitutes consent for South Shore Joint Initiative to use your recorded likeness, appearance, voice, or name in perpetuity. If you do not agree, please indicate to photographers on the day of the event.

South Shore Joint Initiative accepts NO responsibility for the personal safety of participants during the events.


South Shore Joint Initiative pledges to quickly respond to any queries about website use, privacy and/or personal information. Please send us an email to request a personal phone call from a board member.

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