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Thank you again for participating in our Create the Future of our South Shore Community Conference! Just one month ago, you heard from experts and shared your ideas about how we can Create the Future of our South Shore. We just published a Conference Report  that documents what you told us were key steps in creating the South Shore’s future. A recap of the event as well as a reference tool to help move initiatives, projects and events forward, we’ve created a virtual hub for The Future of Our South Shore – a go-to spot for info about these strategic initiatives!

Today, I’m excited to share news about progress that’s already been made by individual volunteers and small teams, such as:

  • Footpath – The weekend of Nov 19-20, Geoff Craig and a few volunteers will walk the South Shore and test out a preliminary eco-footpath from Point Petre to Point Traverse. Want to learn more? Email [email protected]

  • Biodiversity – Our new “Species at Risk Guide” is now available for sale at Books & Company – thanks to David Sweet for making this happen – and online! It’s a perfect stocking stuffer for nature lovers, birders, photographers and South Shore enthusiasts of all ages. Buy yours here. 

  • Cultural Heritage – Jackson’s Falls Country Inn is hosting a book launchfor “The Moses Hudgin Log House – 6 Generations on PEC’s South Shore” on Nov 13 – RSVP here to meet the author, Laura Edge!

  • Conservation Reserve (CR) – As we continue to await good news about a new South Shore CR, Sam Zeller is leading this initiative. And on Nov 12, NCC Coordinator, Conservation Biology – Central Ontario-East Amanda Tracey will lead a Stroll at MapleCross Coastline Reserve. SSJI Vice president Cheryl Anderson will also be filmed talking about our South Shore Key Biodiversity Area for the UN Biological Diversity COP15 Conference from Dec 7-19 in Montréal – WOW!!!

  • Events & Education – Cheryl Anderson, Dawn Ayer, Carol Falkner and Judy Plomer met on Tuesday to brainstorm a new 2023 event that will engage artists and the PEC community with our South Shore. But they can’t do it alone! If you’d like to get involved, email [email protected] now.

One last thing. We know you love the County’s South Shore and are deeply grateful for your interest. But we also rely on your financial support to make tangible and meaningful progress.

Please consider a one-time or monthly SSJI donation to help us continue our positive momentum in 2023 and beyond. 


Do you love the County’s South Shore?
Want to help protect, preserve and restore these public lands?
Keen to play a small or big role in the South Shore’s future?

Help us Create the Future of our South Shore on October 1, 2022!
What: A Community Conference for EVERYONE
Where: The Waring House, 395 Sandy Hook Road, at the roundabout Picton, Prince Edward County
When: Saturday, October 1, 2022, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
How: $50* per person, includes lunch, refreshments and snacks
Why: Because YOU want a permanently protected Prince Edward County South Shore
where together, biodiversity and people thrive


We invite YOU to join us for an exciting line-up of local and provincial environmental subject matter experts including:

We’ll kick off the morning with some thought provoking, inspiring speakers and the latest news about our much-anticipated new South Shore Conservation Reserve. In the afternoon, we’ll break into interactive workshops and explore how we can all come together in support of:

  • A New South Shore Conservation Reserve
  • Advancing Biodiversity protection
  • Creating a legacy Footpath
  • Identifying and protecting Cultural Heritage
  • Designing Public Events and Fundraising

We hope YOU will join us on October 1st and help Create the Future of our South Shore

*Ticket holders in attendance will be entered into a draw for:
“Untouched – The Rugged Beauty of the South Shore” generously donated by artist Judy Plomer
a 20”x 20” original oil painting valued at $650 (see art below)
Conference attendees only will be entered in the draw.

Questions? Contact Cheryl Anderson at [email protected] or 613-849-7743

We appreciate helpful program support and involvement from 
Nature Conservancy CanadaNature Canada

We are grateful for generous financial support from
The County of Prince Edward, The Bronskill Group Inc.,
The County Foundation, & Nature Canada 


YOU really care about the Future of our South Shore!

Many individuals are also keen to register now and attend Create the Future of our South Shore, our first-ever Community Conference on October 1 in Picton. This one-day event features an exciting line-up of local and provincial environmental subject matter experts as well as interactive workshops.

We hope you’ll join us and share this registration link with others who you think might find it of interest.

As we look forward to our conference and a new South Shore Conservation Reserve, responses to our recent survey affirmed our thinking as well as give context and weight to our strategic priorities. Of particular note were the many thoughtful ‘additional comments’ provided by survey respondents, such as:

  • “This is an incredibly important initiative. And now is the time to act as the threats to the South Shore are not going to go away.”

This summer, our team will use the survey results to develop a Community Conference for EVERYONE that builds on what interests YOU the most!

In the meantime, here’s a quick summary of feedback and some preliminary thinking about actions we need to take to move things forward…

A new South Shore Conservation Reserve. This involves working with the government to continue to petition for Conservation Reserve status and develop a management plan for the new Reserve areas. Almost 97% of respondents to the survey rated gaining Conservation Reserve status for the South Shore as extremely important (89%) or important (8%) and commented:

  • “Priority at the moment should be protecting as much of the South Shore and its biodiversity as Possible.”
  • “Conservation and recreation can coexist, and support would be more enthusiastic if this was made a pillar of the conservation plans.”

Advancing Biodiversity protection. This involves gathering species data, developing reports and building awareness about Species at Risk as well as the area’s rare and fragile ecosystem, citizen science activities, a stewardship program and more!  A total of 96% of respondents rated protecting the biodiversity of the area as extremely important (80%) or important (16%) and commented:

  • “The biodiversity of the area is extremely important…”.

Creating a legacy Footpath. This involves creating a legacy footpath that safeguards the area’s biodiversity that enables people to step into and enjoy nature as well as mapping optimal paths that take into consideration property ownership and protective measures as well as creating an ongoing maintenance plan. A total of 85% of respondents rated creating a footpath as extremely important (48%) or important (37%). There were some cautions related to the potential of overuse such as:

  • The footpath should be used as a vehicle to protect biodiversity by managing where people go and don’t go on the south shore.”

Identifying and protecting Cultural Heritage. This involves working to identify, bring attention to, help preserve built and cultural heritage throughout the area. A total of 79% of respondents saw cultural heritage as extremely important (38%) or important (41%) and shared:

  • “Likewise, some shoreline artifacts need better acknowledgement and protection.”

Designing Public Events and Fundraising. This involves continuing to create and deliver educational events promote the awareness, biodiversity and protection of the South Shore, engage more people and fundraise for our cause. Events could include public walks, shoreline/roadside cleanups, data/species collection, invasive species eradication, children’s nature festivals and other educational activities. A total of 95% of respondents saw events and fundraising as extremely important (56%) or important (39%) and noted:

  • “Engagement is key. Public walks, talks, etc. are good to raise awareness.”
  • “Shoreline/roadside cleanups. The garbage is endless, but getting people engaged is educational and fosters engagement.”


As noted, this represents some of our preliminary thinking about the actions needed to move these priorities forward. To continue this work and move it to the next level we need your help starting on October 1st!

Suffice it to say, we can’t wait to see you at Create the Future of our South Shore!