Solar Eclipse Information Sessions

ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY CANADA - BELLEVILLE (RASC-Belleville) will be providing further presentations and information about the April 8 2024 Solar Eclipse at the following locations:

Trenton Library:
April 4, 5:30 pm

Information on where to stay, where to view and preparedness plans:

Bay of Quinte Region

City of Belleville

Prince Edward County Information and Preparedness Guide

Visit the County

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) official page on the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse


❗️❗️❗️Remember, safety comes first and LEAVE NO TRACE!🚮♻️ Take all your garbage with you!

Resources and articles:

Fragment of an article written by Steve Burr for The South Shoreliner (published in the February edition of The South Shoreliner):

Total Eclipse – 8th April 2024

2017 Totality (Photo: Robert Mindenhall)

On Monday, April 8th Prince Edward County will have a front row seat to a rare celestial event, a total eclipse of the sun by the moon. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon obscures the sun completely casting a shadow on portions of the earths surface. The central path of this Eclipse is just south of the County providing residents with a great opportunity to experience this event. Weather permitting, observers will be able to view the Eclipse between 2:08 pm
to 4:33 pm. Totality begins at 3:21 pm and will last for a duration of 3 m 16s – Milford ( Never view the sun directly without proper eye protection such as eclipse glasses (ISO 12312-2) or if you are using a telescope, solar filters specifically designed for the telescope.

2017 Diamond Ring (Photo: Greg Lisk)


 RASC - Belleville handout:

Click here to view pdf or click on the corner to enlarge below:


🌌🔭 For additional educational resources, check out The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) official page on the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse: