South Shore Joint Initiative would like to thank the many photographers who generously allow us to use their photographs to showcase the beauty that is the South Shore of Prince Edward County. To see more of their work, click on the featured photographers listed below.

Enchanted by the beauty of the South Shore? Enjoy taking photos? It’s a remarkable place and we appreciate the many amateur and professional photographers who are constantly capturing compelling images of South Shore species, natural landscapes and Lake Ontario views.

We’d love to feature your photos on our website, social media channels, our monthly “What’s On Shore” e-news briefs, our bi-monthly “The Shoreliner” e-newsletter and other publications.

If you'd like to share your photos with us, please send an email to Katherine Rogalska.








Paul Jones

After bird watching for many years I now devote more time to photography. The skill I have was picked up by trial and error on my own, and from tips generously provided from other photographers. Photos I see on flickr are a big inspiration. In addition to static portrait shots I like good images of moving birds in cluttered habitat, but I find they are a real challenge to secure.


Jason Pettit

I'm a landscape photographer born and raised in Prince Edward County. Throughout my life I have appreciated the unique beauty of my home and have always sough ways to experience it. What I hope to achieve with my work is to show others what I see, to share with them my own appreciation of my home and so gain a deeper attachment to the wild places of Prince Edward County.








Ian Dickinson

Ian is an amateur photographer living in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Photographing birds in the wild is what I specialize in, but there are other wildlife, landscapes and some travel photographs as well.








Jay-Dee Purdie

I am passionately in love with living my life to the fullest, and I always want to be able to experience new adventures and learn new things. I enjoy change; I like to push myself out of my comfort zones. My passions are photography, motorbiking, downhill skiing, spending time with friends and learning. I would describe myself as a autodidactic individual who is a gregarious recluse. Jay-Dee currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario, where he enjoys spending his time doing just about anything he wants to do.

Daniel LaFrance

I believe in conservation, preservation and doing everything we can to protect our natural world. By extension, I use my camera and genuine curiosity in nature to capture what Mother Nature shares with me on any given day. I try to practice Mr. Emerson's wise and simple words.

"Adopt the pace of nature: Her secret is patience"

Ralph Waldo Emerson