Rusty Blackbird (Euphagus carolinus) - Special Concern

The Rusty Blackbird is a medium-sized songbird that ranges from 21 to 25 centimetres in size. Both sexes have pale yellow eyes and a slender black bill. During the breeding season, males are dark black with a faint green and purple gloss, and females are brownish grey. In the winter, both sexes are more rust-coloured.

Canadian Population: 4.4 million

Threats to this Species: Threats to its breeding habitat in Ontario include the negative impacts of climate change and industrial landscape-level activities on forest and wetland habitats.

Fun Fact: The Rusty Blackbird feeds mostly on insects and plant matter, but it sometimes attacks and eats other birds. It has been documented feeding on sparrows, robins, and snipe, among others.





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Species descriptions are from the Species at Risk in Ontario website.