Midland Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) - Special Concern (Federally)

Midland Painted Turtles have a smooth, gently rounded carapace (upper shell) that is dark green to black in colour with red markings on the sides. The plastron (lower shell) is usually tan to yellow and often has a dark, irregularly shaped blotch in the center. The head and the limbs are black to green with yellow and red stripes. Individuals can reach a maximum carapace length of 19.5 cm

Canadian Population: 10,000+

Threats to Species: Wetland loss has resulted in decline, primarily in southern parts of the Canadian range, and ongoing habitat loss continues to threaten this species. Painted Turtles are especially susceptible to mortality on roads, particularly during the nesting period when females are making overland movements.

Fun Fact: You can identify the sex of a Midland Painted turtle by the length of their front claws. Males of this species have long pretty ones!