Great success at Busy Hands

Our amazing volunteers were at the 23rd Annual Busy Hands Artisan Market on December 9th and 10th at Highline Hall-Wellington Arena! There were 72 local vendors showcasing their handmade products. SSJI’s stand featured beautiful Tree Towels with a Point Petre graphic designed by local artist Agneta Sand (sold out at the event!), and our $10 Species at Risk Guides (great stocking stuffer available in our on-line store). 100% of all sales will help fund our 2024 work!

This event was hosted by Honey Pie Hives & Herbals and Vicki's Veggies Farm.


Call for Volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers to assist us with a new and exciting event for 2024 Flashback February. We are planning to have a DROP-IN FOOD & WINE TASTING FLASHBACK FEBRUARY EXPERIENCE, FEB 25, 1-5 PM at LIGHTHALL VINEYARDS! Stay tuned for more information and details.

We need volunteers for the following roles: reception and coat check at the event; silent auction organization before the event.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event please contact Cheryl Anderson at [email protected]

Wild Thing Tours

Since 2018, SSJI has been working to educate and inform the public about the ecology, natural history, and heritage of the South Shore through South Shore Strolls, webinars, and annual clean-up events. SSJI has held two Monarch Day events at the Hudgin House on Ostrander Point Road near the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area (NWA). In 2022 SSJI held Create the Future of our South Shore, a conference to engage the public in our work. Our Wild Thing projects in 2022 and 2023 have introduced school children and the public to wetland creatures and Monarch butterflies. We worked with Nature Canada and the Local Recreation Outreach Centre to prepare art for the Nature Bus project associated with COP 15 in Montreal.

The National Wildlife Area (NWA)  is located at the eastern end of the Long Point peninsula, about a 30-minute drive from Picton. It consists of 546 hectares (ha) of forest, grassland, and wetland habitats. Most of the lands within the NWA are undergoing natural succession from former pasture to a mix of shrublands and successional woodlands. Well-developed walking trails are accessible from Long Point Road.

SSJI is partnering with the Canadian Wildlife Service to introduce the NWA to a new group of visitors. Our new Wild Thing program aims to introduce new people to the NWA who would not normally visit the NWA due to lack of transportation, funds, information, or accessibility issues. 

Thank you so very much for the wonderful walking tour of the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area. Your knowledge and patience have given us the confidence to begin hiking again and explore all the natural beauty that Prince Edward County has to offer. 

(2023 Wild Thing Tour participant)


Cheryl Chapman - December 7, 2023 at the Wild Thing Tour (Photo by the tour participant)


Celebrating Our SSJI Volunteers on International Volunteer Day

On December 5th, we joined the world in celebrating International Volunteer Day, a day to recognize and appreciate the amazing contributions of volunteers to various causes and communities. At SSJI, we are especially thankful for our dedicated and passionate volunteers, who have been the driving force behind our efforts to protect and restore the natural heritage of Prince Edward County.

Our volunteers have generously donated their time, skills, and energy to help us run a variety of events and activities throughout the year, such as:

  • Night of the Monarch, a magical evening of music and art to raise awareness and funds for SSJI's mission.
  • Art Extravaganza, a showcase of local artists who donated their beautiful creations to support our conservation projects.
  • SSJI Strolls, a series of guided walks to explore and learn about the diverse ecosystems and wildlife of the county.
  • South Shore Clean-up, a collaborative effort to remove litter and debris from our natural areas and shorelines.
  • Farmer’s Markets and Community Events, where we engaged with the public and promoted our vision and mission.

We are immensely grateful for all of our SSJI volunteers including our Board members who tirelessly work behind the scenes to advance SSJI's mission, set direction and action plans, produce our bi-monthly newsletter The South Shoreliner, engage in fundraising for SSJI and the Hudgin Log House, work on new projects including South Shore Footpath, Biodiversity, Wild Thing, and even handcrafted canoes and quilts to raise money. You have made a difference and allowed us to achieve our goals and objectives. You have also inspired us with your enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment. Thank you for being part of our SSJI family and for caring about the environment!


Read the 21st Holiday edition of The South Shoreliner here.

In the News!

Take a look at this article from The Picton Gazette:


2023 has been a milestone year for South Shore Joint Initiative. A dream became reality. Monarch Point Conservation Reserve now permanently protects almost 4,000 acres of PEC’s rare and fragile South Shore.

That’s in addition to a national spotlight being shone on the restoration of Hudgin Log House in late January. This heritage-designated building is much closer to becoming PEC’s first-ever Field Centre for public education, cultural, historic and scientific study. All thanks to you!

Thanks to your donations – both financial and of your time – we’ve made significant progress on our mission to educate and advocate for South Shore lands and waters.

Every contribution counts:

Knowledge sparks change!

This is why public education is 1 of the 2 cornerstones of South Shore Joint Initiative. Since 2018, with your support, we've invested in e-news, events and old-school print publications to increase knowledge and understanding about the rare biodiversity of PEC's South Shore.

Your $20 one-time or monthly donation will be used by our volunteer-led organization to create new & useful educational programs and content. And fund our ongoing outreach efforts to shed light on why this unique area is so important to protect and preserve for future generations. 





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