by Janice Gibbins

Design Value: It is of unusually late (c.1865) log design comprising one and a half stories.
It therefore remains a rarity in Prince Edward County, especially considering frame construction was
common by this date. Built in an area where cedar trees were cut for shingles, the square logs are cedar, an unusual material for log houses. The lap joints are hewn to 5" rather than the typical 8". The chimney
design is consistent to a pre-1870 design. The steep roof is a County feature.

Contextual Value: Beldon's Atlas (1878) shows the log house on its original 100 acres which ended at the
lake allowing Moses to fish and sail as well as farm. These were the usual economic realities of the day for
an area of unfertile land. The house still sits in its original location close to and facing Ostrander Point Road.

Cultural Heritage Attributes:
1. Original location facing Ostrander Point Road
2. Size and form
3. Unusually later cedar log construction
4. Unusual five-inch lap joints
5. Chimney of County form prior to 1870
6. Steep-pitched roof, a County form
7. 6-over-6 windows

Property Description: The subject lands are described as Part of Lot 4, Concession West of Long Point,
civic address 191 Ostrander Point Road, Ward of South Marysburgh, in the Municipality of the County of
Prince Edward -- Date: April 28, 2011. You can learn more about History, Heritage & Hudgin Log House progress on our website.