Artist: Sarah E. Anderson

A lover of art her whole life, Sarah E. Anderson began painting as a way to heal her heart following the sudden death of her partner. In the three years since Sarah has experimented with acrylics and watercolours before finding things clicked in to place when she began painting with oils.

Preferring bold colours, thick texture, and palette knife strokes, Sarah paints the places that mean the most to her, working to evoke the feeling of being in the right place at the right time, of catching the magic in action.

Sarah will always prefer working with oils for their juiciness and malleability, especially in creating abstract landscapes, but is also a reluctant fan of the way acrylics can be used to create landscapes and architectural pieces.

Sarah is the owner and operator of Lakeside Studio Gallery in the village of Bath, Ontario.

The sale of this artwork benefits the South Shore Joint Initiative.

To purchase please contact:
Cheryl Anderson: [email protected], 613-849-7743



“Wellington Beach” (12x12, Oil on canvas - $350)
Painted from a breathtaking July sunset on Wellington Beach, this piece celebrates the tranquillity that can only be found at the water’s edge.