An advertisement by Todd Smith, MPP Bay of Quinte notes, “Similar to a provincial park, like Sandbanks – which is about the same size as Monarch Point – conservation reserves are protected by legislation. They differ in that conservation reserves allow for traditional land uses to continue. Each conservation reserve is required to have a management direction that determines how land will be used while protecting the ecologically significant lands within.
(MPP Bay of Quinte Todd) Smith says he believes there will be room for scientific and recreational uses to co-exist at Monarch Point. ‘In most cases in Ontario, traditional activities like ATV riding and snow(mobil)ing, hunting and fishing have been allowed to continue,’ said Smith. ‘Now that we have a designated reserve, there will be public consultation to develop a plan and to determine what is appropriate for this area.’ That may mean that some areas are posted as prohibited for off-trail use, or that recreational trails are routed around sensitive areas.”*


*Oct 4, 2023 “Monarch Point preserves 4,000 acres” advertisement by Todd Smith, MPP, Bay of Quinte, The Times, page 24