Artist: Portia "Po" Chapman

"Together in Moonlight" represents members of the South Shore Joint Initiative working late into the night together.  The moon always looks so huge when it rises over the water. - Portia "Po" Chapman

Portia “Po” Chapman is a Kingston-based Interdisciplinary Artist from the Belleville and Tweed region, Ontario. As an Indigenous artist, she has become an accomplished illustrator in both print and digital media. Her circular imagery echoes the circular images adorning the faces of her hand-painted hand drums. Po entered the County Arts scene with her PEC Partners-commissioned Base 31 mural entitled Warbler Watching. In 2019, she received the Queen’s University Medal in Visual Art for being the Top BFAH Graduate. Po’s artistic pursuits also include teaching visual art in secondary schools and in the community.

In 2020, she graduated with a BEd (Visual Arts/First Nations, Metis and Inuit Studies) with the specialization: Artist in Community Education. Most recently, Po completed a year-long commission illustrating an Indigenous Textbook and was featured by Kingston in Focus. 2023 is shaping up to be a very busy year for Po, with commissions, articles and gallery showings. Her stunning, colourful, blocked image style celebrates life in a way that speaks to the hearts of viewers as it encourages viewers to dream wonderful dreams and remember beautiful memories. Po’s “Powerful,” “Beautiful,” “Simplistic” artworks aim to inspire happiness, and that is something we can all welcome into our lives. (source:

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(acrylic on a 14-inch diameter circle with a gallery depth stretcher - $300) 


The sale of this artwork benefits the South Shore Joint Initiative.

To purchase please contact:
Cheryl Anderson: [email protected], 613-849-7743