Artist: Petra Lepage

Dear Mother,

Whatever names have been formed to call out to you over and over and over, the true calling out comes from deep within the bodies of your children.

We know your Beauty in our hearts. We know your Truth in our bones. We know your Love in our blood.

For those of us who walk we know you as the good ground beneath our feet.

For those of us who fly we know you as the place to touch down.

For those of us who swim we know you as the form cradling the formless.

For those of us who crawl we know you as the one who is closer than close.

There is no place in the lives of your children where you are not. We eat from you. We drink from you. We dwell upon you. We create all that we have from you. We spring up endlessly from you and endlessly we fall back into you.

We therefore freely and fully acknowledge that to love, respect, protect, and preserve You is to love, respect, protect and preserve Ourselves.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

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Tara, Tare, Terra

(16 x 20” Acrylic on canvas including a white wrap-around frame - $480)


The sale of this artwork benefits the South Shore Joint Initiative.

To purchase please contact:
Cheryl Anderson: [email protected], 613-849-7743