Thinking about what to add to your garden in the spring?

by Judy Mitchell-Wilson (1)

(Used with the permission of Newsletter Editor Ann Gray and Author Judy Mitchell-Wilson)

Help migrating birds bulk up on fat and energy by planting native berry plants. Check out the superior fat content in the native plants compared to non-native plants. It is stunning! Here is a citation:

1 - Mitchell-Wilson, Judy. 2024. Nutritional differences between invasive berries and native is huge! ‘Chart’ in article from “Thinking about what to add to your garden in the spring?”. Prairie Smoke 21(2): 12. This article is based on: Susan Smith, Samantha A. DeSando, and Todd Pagano. 2013. The Value of Native and Invasive Fruit-Bearing Shrubs for Migrating Songbirds. Northeastern Naturalist 20(1): 171-184. . See as follows: . Accessed on Sun., Feb.4, 2024.

This article was published in The South Shoreliner, February 2024 edition.