By Cheryl Anderson

Travellers on Ostrander Point Road may notice some changes at the Moses Hudgin Log House.  The Restoration committee is establishing a Hydro connection to the House.  Borys Holowacz and Cheryl Anderson wielded loppers and saws to trim back a small amount of the large lilac bramble at the fence so that the hydro line can make a straight connection underground to the north side of the house.  The Hydro meter is situated on a pole close to the lilacs. It is expected that the lilacs will spread again around the meter to camouflage it somewhat.   Dick Bird will build a small shelter over the meter that will protect it from weather but still allow meter reading.  The final connection will take place in the spring. Hydro One has also prepared for a new pole on the opposite side of the road.  The new pole will be set in in the spring.

Borys Holowacz trimming back Lilacs for the Moses Hudgin Log House hydro line
 (Photo : Cheryl Anderson)

In addition, the construction of new windows will take place over the winter in preparation for the stabilizing of the House logs in early summer.  Once the logs have been stabilized, the windows will be installed. Although restoration has been delayed by COVID-19, the committee is delighted to be moving forward with both the Hydro connection and the window construction.