Myrna Wood is contributing small vignettes gleaned from the pages of the book Two Hundred Years of Hudgins 1776 - 1976, by Charles Proctor

Lois Annie Hudgin, b.1878, told her son Charles Proctor, author of "200 years of Hudgins 1776-1976" that when she was a little girl her task was to walk up the road to get the mail. She was warned not to walk under trees because of lynx. She knew she was half way when she passed the three Sycamore (also called Buttonwood) trees.
One of these Carolinian zone trees still stands on Babylon Road.
Lois Annie's route would take her up Ostrander Point Road and along Babylon Road to County Road 13 - a long walk for a young girl!

 Hudgin Family Sailors and Fishers

After establishing themselves in Prince Edward County in early in the nineteenth century the Hudgin family took advantage of the opportunity to make a living and provide for their families on Lake Ontario.  Over the generations many members of the family sailed, fished, worked on Lake Ontario rescue craft and tended lighthouses both on the mainland and on Eastern Lake Ontario islands.

Moses and his children

Moses Hudgin’s Grandfather and father moved from New Brunswick to Prince Edward County in 1814 where he was born in 1818.

Moses, like most of his neighbours, fished and sailed while subsistence farming. Moses and his wife Ann Mouck b.1825 had 9 children (2 died young) who sailed or married a sailor.   Their children were of an age to have been present during the building of the Point Traverse Lighthouse.  Those who lived nearby often worked on the Rescue Boats too.  The women would have maintained the farm, home and families while the men sailed on Lake Ontario.

  1. Sarah Ann b.1846 married James Rorke who sailed as a mate on Lake ships. His son Edward joined him on the boats.  Later she married another Captain Oliver Wilcox.

Edward’s wife Sarah Spafford Rorke who grew up in a sailing family worked with C.H.J. Snider on Schooner Days for the Toronto Telegram (found on ‘Maritime history of the Great Lakes’).

  1. Michael b.1848 sailed until he was 72. His son Charles, born 1881 the year of building the lighthouse, was a fisherman.
  2. Lewis b.1854 was a sailor. His daughter, Augusta (Gussie) married Ken McConnell, a lighthouse keeper at False Ducks (relocated to the Mariners’ Museum) and was succeeded by their son James.
  3. Philip b. 1857 lived in Moses’ house, sailed, fished and farmed. His son Egbert was on the Point Traverse Rescue Unit 1883-1909.
  4. Wait b. 1859 sailor and fisher. Lighthouse keeper 1912-27 age 53.  Sailed on the “Picton” written about on Schooner Days.
  5. Amy Therese b.1865 the year the Ostrander Road log house was built. Married Henry McConnell who sailed 50 years.
  6. Eliza b.1866 Married George Washington Bongard sailor and fisher. Sailed on the “Picton” 1894. He was with the Pt Traverse Life Saving Station as was son-in-law Nelson Minaker.

Moses’ sisters and their families

Moses’ sister Eliza Jane b.1820 married Philip Dulmage sailor, and their children were also involved in sailing.

  1. Eve b.1841 married Captain Nathan McCrimmon.

Daughter Minerva b. 1861 was immortalized by Suzanne Pasternak’s Folk Opera.

  1. Eliza Jane b.1847 married Henry Selleck, drowned on ship carrying threshing machine to Main Duck Island.
  2. Daniel b.1853 “was more fisherman than farmer”.
  3. Moses b.1857 At 21 froze to death when caught in a small boat in a storm off Pt Traverse and Timber Island. He steered his boat across the lake during the storm until it went ashore at Stony Point N.Y.

Sister Ann b. 1822 married Saul Mouck b.1819. They had a hotel in Cherry Valley and tavern at Pt Traverse. He helped save crew of “Minerva Cook” wrecked on Poplar Bar, Long Point. Received award from Dominion Government for life saving.

Son Will b. 1844 was a sailor and lighthouse keeper.

2 brothers died young.

Moses’ Half siblings

When Moses’ mother Rachel Wright died in 1829, his father William Jr. married Esther Johnston Marr, age 17 newly arrived from Ireland as a widow.  They had 11 more children.

  1. Charles b.1833 farmed and sailed. Grew barley until a 1890 American tariff stopped the trade. (His grandson Charles Proctor wrote 200 Years of Hudgins.
  2. Adaline b.1837 married Archie Hughes who farmed and sailed.
  3. Nelson b.1839 Captain of “Olivia” passenger ship between Toronto and Montreal.

Son James b.1864 Lighthouse keeper False Ducks 1912-1918.

             Grandson Gratton b.1894 Lighthouse keeper False Ducks for five years.

Moses’ Grandfather William and Great Uncles James and David

 Moses’ Grandfather William b. 1788 and 2 other siblings from New Brunswick settled in PEC: James b. 1786 and David b.1802.

William’s brother James b.1786 emigrated from N.B. to PEC 1808.

            Son Captain Lewis b.1813

                        Daughter Lydia b. 1838 married Philip Farrington b. 1830. Captain sailed 62 years

                                    Emma Farrington b.1859 married Wm Browne b.1854

                                                Louise Browne b.1883 married Carman Metcalfe b.1883. Operated fish packing plant at Pt. Traverse 1930s.  Their daughter Maxine b.1905 married Cecil Bongard who rescued survivors of “John Randall” in Schoolhouse Bay off Main Ducks.  Their twin sons Willis b.1911 wrote Canvas and Steam and Marine Memories and established the Mariners Museum. Willard worked on the Glenora Ferry.

                        Captain Lewis’ son Captain James. 1841 was a sailor and Lighthouse keeper False Ducks 1894- 1903.  James’ daughter Isabella b.1823 married Tom Dulmage b.1829. Their son James Nelson Alfred Dulmage b.1864 fisherman at Pt Traverse.

William’s brother David b.1802 and wife Phoebe Harrison b.1810 settled in Marysburgh.

              Daughter Patience b.1834 married Oliver Genier, farmer.  Their son

              Charles b. 1853 was a fisherman.

              Louise b. 1854 married Seymour Mouck b. 1852 and son John were fish buyers.

David’s great grandson Hugh McWilliam was a marine engineer who directed the Glenora Ferry 1918-21, converting it to steam.

Granddaughter Eliza Genier b.1858 married Lewis Hudgin b. 1854 (son of Moses).

Grandson Joseph Genier b. 1861 was a fisherman.

Oliver and George Genier b. 1865 and 1867 fished together.

David’s son Gilbert b.1836 was a Captain. His sons John b.1864 and G. Nelson b. 1869 were too.

2 Grandsons Percy b.1887 and Harold b1893 followed on the Lakers too.

David’s third daughter MaryAnn b.1843 married George Rose.

Their daughter Cynthia b.1863 married Dorland Dulmage b.1861, they were lighthouse keepers False Ducks 1903-12, and fished.

Their son Clayton b.1889 was also fisherman and lighthouse keeper.

Their great grandson Roxy Lancaster b. 1945 is a retired fisherman living on Co Rd 13.


(Account taken from 200 Years of Hudgins 1776-1976 by Myrna Wood, Hudgin House Committee.)