Moses Hudgin Log House Update

The Moses Hudgin Log House Restoration Committee was sorry to hear that Log Building School was unable to come to the County this summer.  The exterior of the Log House must be stabilized, and the logs chinked, before any other work can be undertaken.  However, Edwin Rowse has spoken to several County carpenters. Happily, more than one of them may be able to help with the restoration once the building logs are stabilized.  We are searching for another contractor to do the exterior work as well as contacting the Log Building school to get onto their roster for 2022. In preparation for eventual building stabilization, over the winter the construction of the windows to exacting standards will take place.  We will also arrange re-finishing and hardware installation of the existing main door. The door and windows will be ready for installation once the exterior of the building is stabilized. In addition, we are going forward with plans to install a hydro connection to the Log House. The line will run from the existing pole on the opposite side of Ostrander Point Road underground to near the House.  Since it is not appropriate to have the meter attached to the House, we are looking at alternate options for its location.

Meanwhile fundraising continues.  Laura Edge and Tracey McBride have several funding raising events and activities planned for 2022.  Watch for notice of these on social media and your email.

Thank you to all our donors. You have made the restoration work possible.  Donations are welcome at: