Artist: Howard Goldberg

“I want to live in a world where turtles can float, a world where the car I drive will never
bulldoze an innocent creature.

This Blanding’s Turtle refuses to be a victim. She doesn’t cross the road and risk being
squashed, she floats over it and transcends destruction. I salute the Blanding’s Turtle. By its’
very presence as an endangered species she has been able to slow habitat destruction in Prince
Edward County. The Blanding’s Turtle is a true eco-warrior, may she float on forever.”

Howard Goldberg comes to Fine Art photography from a 40-year career in documentary
filmmaking. Howard first moved to the County as a part-timer in 2016, and now he and his
family will be full-time residents living in Cressy. His photography is marked by a strong storytelling intent.

To see more of his work, please visit Melt Studio Gallery at Base 31 in Prince Edward County. In
addition, Howard’s solo show “THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER” is coming up at Melt Gallery
September 22 to October 22. THE ROCKING HORSE WINNER is a visual exploration of childhood
memory through AI-generated imagery and childhood photographs. Cowboy fantasies are
merged with mid-century modern suburban playrooms and the fear of annihilation during the
Cuban missile crisis. Please don’t miss it.

The sale of this artwork benefits the South Shore Joint Initiative.

To purchase please contact:
Cheryl Anderson: [email protected], 613-849-7743


TURTLE DREAMS (18"x24", archival inkjet print number 3 in an edition of 20, mounted on 1 5/8” pine - $490)