When August 22, 2020 at 2:00pm 2 hrs
Where Ostrander Point Crown Land Block
Contact Cheryl Anderson [email protected]


South Shore Joint Initiative invites you to join us to celebrate everything Monarch on Saturday August 22 at 2 PM at Ostrander Point Crown Land Block.

We will explore the milkweed meadows and view the amazing and beautiful Monarch butterflies up close.  County Naturalists Terry Sprague and Peter Fuller will be on hand to help us find and identify the butterfly eggs, caterpillars and pupae. 

Meet Terry and Peter at the Moses Hudgin Log House on Ostrander Point Road at 2 PM

In 1995 Prince Edward Point was declared an International Monarch Reserve.  Every summer we see these iconic butterflies drifting over the meadows and fields of the South Shore.  If we are lucky, we also find their large stripped caterpillars munching on leaves of milkweed.  Amazingly these caterpillars are on their way to becoming long distance migratory butterflies that spend the winter in the upland forests of Mexico.

Learn about the life cycle of the Monarch and pick up Monarch themed crafts in the Moses Hudgin Log House yard.

Note: Due to requirements for social distancing registration is limited to 35 people

Sorry, this event is sold out.