It's a boy!

 Cheryl Chapman, PEPtBO NatureHood educator

The Get Out Kids' Club 's Monarch caterpillar emerged from its chrysalis September 7!

We all met this caterpillar on August 22 at the Flight of the Monarch Day event with SSJI.

He spent a few days eating milkweed in my backyard.

On August 25 he found a safe place on a window frame. He hung in a "J" from a patch of silk he made.


By morning, on August 26, he was a beautiful chrysalis. (I moved him indoors so I could close my window)


September 6 the butterfly inside was visible and looking ready to emerge.


That afternoon the butterfly emerged. He unfolded his wings and dried them in the sun.  We can tell that he is a male because of the prominent thickening of the veins on the lower wings.  After visiting a few flowers, he was on his way to Mexico.