Friends of Hudgin Log House, with support from SSJI, are restoring an historic log house on the former Moses Hudgin farm.

    photo courtesy Edwin Rowse                                             S Elevation from SW

 The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) purchased the former Moses Hudgin farm in the Fall of 2018 to protect the property’s biodiversity. The farm is adjacent to the Ostrander Point crown lands in South Marysburgh, Prince Edward County, in Eastern Ontario. The heritage-designated, original log house survives on the property and the NCC plans to use it, possibly as a small centre for field naturalists.

The log house is constructed of squared cedar logs, which has made the house very durable.  However, the logs were lap jointed at the corners, not dovetailed together, and as a result the corners have spread and the joints opened up.

South Shore Joint Initiative and the newly formed Moses Hudgin Log House Restoration Committee are supporting restoration of this historic building.  The intent of the first phase of repairs is to close the gaps, if possible, and tie the logs together invisibly to ensure the long-term structural stability of the house.  This work planned for the summer of 2021 has been delayed by the COVID pandemic.  However, the first phase will be completed as soon as circumstances permit. The second phase of work will make the house into a three-season field centre.

Follow the progress of the restoration on this webpage.  To make a donation toward the building’s restoration contact South Shore Joint Initiative - Moses Hudgin Log House